Miele S2121 Olympus Review – Is The Canister Vacuum Cleaner Any Good?

This Miele S2121 review takes a close look at a vacuum cleaner which can be a smart investment for people who need something for cleaning low-pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring. Manufactured by a company founded in 1899, this product is supposed tod be durable and powerful. Let us take a close look whether or not this product is worth the price.

Miele S2121 video

In this machine we are talking to has a 1200 Watt Miele Vortex motor. It measures 111″ of water lift. This sealed suction rating is higher than most other models. Generally, vacuum cleaners with great water lift specifications also have great cleaning ability.

This model offers you an adjustable power selector. The six adjustable suction settings lets you choose the right power level (200 to 1200 Watts) for just about any surface being vacuumed..

Featuring a telescopic wand, the canister vacuum enables hard to reach areas of the home to be cleaned. This extends cleaning reach up to 29.5 feet. By pressing the release button you can adjust the stainless steel telescopic wand for comfortable vacuum cleaning.

If you have low pile carpeting and smooth floors, then the Miele S2121 Olympus is worth considering. The FiberTeQ Combo Floor Tool allows the user to experience smooth transitions from carpets to hard surfaces. A rocker switch is provided to let the user choose either the the dusting bristles or the carpet brushes.

The Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner has been reviewed by a lot of its customers. The feedback has generally been very positive resulting in an impressive review rating of 4.4/5 stars.

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While most of the customer feedback for the canister vacuum cleaner has been positive, you can also find customers who have left negative reviews. Let us discuss some of the criticisms that the product has faced.

If you are planning to use this unit for vacuuming carpeted areas then you should be aware that the Miele S2121 does not come with a power brush. Especially if you have deep pile carpets, a rotating power head is a must. Unfortunately you have to purchase it separately. For three hundred bucks, some customers wish the motorized brush attachment was included within the purchase.

The Miele S2121 is not a bagless canister. Some of the owners have expressed their dislike for the cost of replacement dust bags. The price for 4 dustbags (GN AirClean FilterBags) is around $19. Furthermore, if you live in a remote area, the bags may not be available in local stores. In this case they have to be ordered online.

Finally, some negative feedback has also been voiced in regard to the power cord. According to those who have complained about this feature, the cord is too short. However, a simple extension cord should overcome this problem.

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Despite the negative feedback mentioned above, it seems that most of the reviewers have been pleased with their purchase of the Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

Many reviewers appreciate the power selector feature. There are times when you need less suction. Designed for suction control, you can take advantage of this feature to reduce the noise level.

How about the suction power? Based on the customer feedback, it works great on wood and laminate flooring. It can also handle medium pile area rug. Some have used it for pet hair removal without problems. Just keep in mind that some types of floors require more sensitive care to prevent scratching. Consider to purchase a parquet floor brush to minimize the risk of scratching up the floors.

Many reviewers have also found the product to be very easy to maneuver. They appreciate the ergonomics of this product. The noise level is also tolerable.

Although there are a number of negative reviews, most of the customer feedback has been very impressive. Indeed, this lightweight canister vacuum has received over 200 5-star reviews.

If you appreciate the benefits of a bagged vaccum cleaner, then you should consider investing in this product. Although in the Miele line the Miele S2121 Olympus can be considered as an entry level machine, you can always buy a different filter or attachments if you need them later.

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