Hoover Flair Bagless S2220 Review – What To Expect With The Stick Vacuum

Hoover Flair Bagless S2220 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

With all the various upright stick vacuums in the market today, you can never know what can truly deliver the quality and convenience that you desire. This article is an unbiased review of Hoover S2220 upright vacuum cleaner, its pros and cons and everything in between.

Hoover Flair is one of the most popular vacuums on the market nowadays. At just 10 pounds, it certainly is not the lightest in its class. However, the Hoover S2220 is still a good option for those looking for a lightweight, maneuverable vacuum cleaner.

This unit comes equipped with a swivel floor nozzle for optimal operation. The large rear wheels make it more convenient to use. If you live in a small apartment and do not really need a full-size upright, this Hoover stick vacuum is worth considering.

Generally, stick vacs are best suited for cleaning localized areas. If you have a large home, a stick vacuum cleaner can be a useful complement to your heavy-duty unit. The suction head of this vac is 9 inches in length, which is a good size for quick, light duty cleaning.

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The lightweight stick model is powered by a 7 amp motor. Do not expect it will deliver as much power as a full size upright vacuum. Stick vacuum machines are not ideal for a deep cleaning. A 20 foot power cord compliments this unit.

This unit is fitted with a powered nozzle to help you remove dirt from carpets and rugs. The motorized brushroll can be turned off by pressing a switch located on the cleaner body. This makes it easy for you to switch back and forth from bare floors to carpets. The option to turn the brush on or off will prevent you from scratching wood floors.

Featuring bagless design, it does not require the purchase of replacement bags. The EZ Empty dirt cup comes with a multi-stage filtration system. Located on the side of the cleaner body, there is a removable final filter grill. The final filter works to return clean air into the environment.

The Hoover Flair Bagless Vacuum S2220 has been reviewed by a lot of its customers at Amazon.com. It has received very good feedback from many buyers. The bagless stick is currently rated 4.0/5 stars. Read some feedback here.

However, like all appliances the S2220 is not perfect. A number of negative reviews have also been leveled at the product.

A few complaints have been made about the dirt cup. Some of the users have found that cleaning the dust cup is a messy process. It is not that easy to get on and off. It also does need frequent emptying. If not, you run the risk of overheating.

No attachments are included in the box. This means you may need a second vacuum for getting into crevices. It is clear that this unit is not meant to replace a regular upright vacuum.

Finally some have complained about the swivel neck. It seems the pivot area needs for improvements. A number of reviewers have reported that theirs broke at the swivel point. Not a lot of the reviewers have experienced this problem however.

While such feedback might be concerning, it is important to remember that a lot of customers of the Hoover S2220 have left positive feedback for the item.

Many reviewers have reported that this household cleaner picks up really well for a vacuum of this size. It does a good job on low to medium pile carpets, rugs and wood floors. The power nozzle seems work well on dog hair. The fact that there is no battery that needs to be recharged is another plus point of this little vac.

The vacuum’s design has also made a positive impression upon the reviewers. Customers have argued that the corded stick vacuum is very easy to move around. The design allows the unit to function properly on carpeted stairs. It can flatten really low to get under furniture. Its small size also makes it easy to store.

Despite the features of the vac that have received criticism, the vast majority of the customers have been satisfied with their purchase. It has its limitations, as all other equipment have. But if you just need a lightweight, bagless stick vac then this should work for you.

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