Finding A Vacuum Cleaner With Good Cleaning Ability

If you are on the market looking for a vacuum cleaner that provides a great cleaning performance, then there some important things that you need to know. Before anything else, it is important to realize that the cleaning abilty of a vacuum depends on a number of factors.

Generally, the greater the amperage rating, the stronger the suction power. But this is not always the case. The number only tells you the amount of electrical charge flowing from the wall outlet to a vacuum system.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the electrical current may be supplied to different components, not only to the vacuum motor. This means although two vacuum cleaners come with the same amperage rating, one of them may employ a motor that only requires less input power to operate.

Therefore, when comparing two products, you should compare their motor amp ratings (or wattage ratings) in order to get a more accurate estimate of the performance of each unit. Although the motors of the units may have different efficiency values, using amp rating to determine the cleaning ability of a vacuum is better than nothing, especially if other indicators are not listed.

Air Watts is considered as a more accurate indicator of a vacuum’s pickup performance since it takes into account airflow and suction. In the automotive industry, you can think of it as the BHP rating of a car engine. Generally speaking, the greater Air Watts the better a product will perform.

Air Watts can be calculated by multiplying the CFM (airflow) and the Water Lift (sealed suction) of a vacuum and then divide the result by 8.5. Manufacturers today use this parameter to describe the suction power of their products. Normally, a canister vacuum cleaner has a higher air wattage than an upright unit although both offer comparable performance. This means, Air Watts count when you compare two products of the same type.

The cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner is also influenced by its filtration system and agitation. In order to keep the suction ability, the filters need to be prevented from being clogged. There are now bagless machines that come with dust separation technology. The pick up performance is also affected by the the design of the cleaning nozzle. If all things are equal, nozzles with narrower openings can create a stronger suction force.

With a lot of brands and models on the market, it is not easy to find a product with the best cleaning ability that will suit your needs. Moreover, there is no single parameter that indicates cleaning performance. However, by having some knowledge about some important indicators that need to be considered, you are more likely to get a real high performing product.

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