Eureka AS2113A As One Review – Should You Get The Bagless Upright Vacuum?

Eureka AS2113A As One Bagless Upright Vacuum

The AS2113A is the cheapest model in the entire family of Eureka AirSpeed vacuums. Having said that, the bagless upright is a smart investment for people looking for an economical vacuum cleaner that has the proven power to deep clean carpets. Based on the customer feedback, it is an excellent bang for the buck.

This particular cleaner is perfect for…

The Eureka AS2113A may not be in the same league as a $500 upright, but if you have a need for a vacuum for quick jobs or apartment living then it is worth taking a closer look. Eureka AirSpeed vacuums are all designed to move more air and remove more dirt for a deeper clean. But at only 8 lbs, the AS2113A is perfect for convenient and easy cleaning.


The Eureka AS ONE is a 10 amp upright vacuum cleaner. It is obviously not the most powerful machine on the market. You can easily find a unit that does a good cleaning job with a 12 amp motor. But if efficiency is a concern then the Eureka AS2113A Pacific Blue deserves serious consideration. Unlike most other bagless vacuums, it is engineered with an efficient air path with minimal twists and turns, allowing yout to clean your carpets effectively.


When it comes to attachments, the upright is shipped with just a couple of tool attachments; dusting brush and crevice tool. The plus point is there is a dial to direct suction from the floor end to the wand in order to clean with the attachments. No need to unhook the hose to use the attachment tools. Furthermore, everything fits right on the vacuum.

Floor Nozzle

The economically priced upright features a 13 inch-wide cleaning path which is ideal for small cleaning areas. With a low profile nozzle, under-furniture cleaning is easy. A scuff guard will help protect your furniture and baseboards. To accommodate different carpet types there is a 5-setting height adjustment at the bottom.

AirSpeed Technology AirSpeed Airflow Control Switch

What Customers Are Saying About It?

The Eureka AS2113A As One earns a good 4.3 star rating on Amazon at this time of writing. With half of the reviewers giving it a perfect rating, this definitely is a cleaner you might consider.

A few complaints have been made about the power cord. The cord is blue so you can easily see it and not trip on it. The negative is the cord length is 19 ft which is relatively short. However this would not be a big deal for people who have smaller rooms. Others have found that it does not clean the edges very well. Finally, some customers have found the upright to be louder than desirable.

Despite some shortcomings, most of the customer reviews for the Eureka As One have been very positive. The reviewers have been very pleased with its ability to suck dirt out of carpets. They love how quickly the dirt collects in the 1.25 dry quarts canister. The reviewers have also found the vac to be very easy to move around. It does not have a pivot ball but the super light design makes it very easy to handle.

Other positive comments have been made for the washable filter. It is easy to remove, wash, and reinsert. Emptying and reassembling the dust cup is a little tricky but it is not a serious issue. The fact that the machine is very easy to assemble out of the box has also pleased the users of the vacuum machine.


If you re on a budget and need a new vacuum to clean different carpet types, then the Eureka AirSpeed AS2113A is worth considering. You should not expect it to be at the same level of build quality as the more expensive, heavy duty uprights. That being said, customer feedback suggests that the weight/suction ratio is tremendous. It is not Oreck, but for the price you should not hesitate to get this one.

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