Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson vacuum cleaners are perhaps the most popular bagless vacuums found on the market today. Although they are rather expensive, they regularly receives very high ratings from users. Surely it is not just because Dyson is a well-known brand, but because the machines deliver the quality one would expect.

Dyson vacuums use cyclonic separation technology to remove the dirt from the airflow. Unlike many ordinary vacuum cleaners that lose suction power as you clean because they only rely on bags to trap particles of dust, the bagless vacuums from Dyson utilize centrifugal force to drive dust and dirt directly into the bin. This can help prevent clogging from occurring. Constant suction power is retained.

Designed to be easy to maneuver, a number of Dyson products such as DC39 Multi Floor use ball mechanism for easy steering. Introduced in 2005, this feature offers some benefits compared to the fixed wheels design. Inside the ball, there are essential components such as the motor for greater stability.

Having a reputation for being very innovative, the company offers a number of different models to choose from. There must be one that would suit your needs. If you have different types of floors, the company offer Multi Floor models that are designed for every floor type.

For pet owners, the company offers DC41 Animal Complete that provides users with extra tools for pet hair. Featuring Radial Root Cyclone technology, the Dyson Ball vacuum generates 235 air watts of suction.This 12 amp bagless model model also comes with Tangle-free Turbine tool to maintain contact across uneven surfaces.

Compared to the DC41, The Dyson DC39 Cylinder Vacuum offers a higher suction power (275 AW). This is one characteristic of the canister vac that many users appreciate. You can choose either DC39 Multi Floor or DC39 Animal. The Triggerhead tool allows the user to control the turbine head at the handle.

If what you are looking for is a cordless vacuum, then the DC34 may be worth considering. This is one of the cheapest Dyson vacuums available. Intended for quick cleaning jobs, the handheld vacuum is equipped with a dual power setting that allows the user to select either 28 or 65 Air watts. For cleaning the ceiling, you can opt of the DC44 Animal. The slim vacuum comes with a detachable long-reach wand.

Even though Dyson vacuum cleaners tend to be priced much higher than products from other manufacturers, a lot of people still prefer this brand to help in their cleaning tasks.

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