Dyson DC34 Review – The Right Cordless Vacuum For You?

Priced at less than a couple hundred dollars, the DC34 is among the cheapest Dyson vacuum cleaners available. However, it does not mean this handheld machine does not live up to the Dyson name

The cordless vac is the replacement for the DC31 that has been discontinued. Also featuring a dual power setting and ergonomic features, the DC34 offers a better run time. It can generates a suction power 28 AW for 15 minutes. In normal model (38 AW), the DC31 can only operate for 10 minutes.

The ‘Animal’ variant provides the user with a four inches wide motorised brush bar head for pet hair pick-up. With the use of the motorised attachment, the DC34 Animal has a run time of 13 minutes in normal mode. Other than the additional accessory and color, there is no difference between the two.

Just like other models offered by Dyson, the DC34 also offers a number of technological advancements. The machine is encompassed with Root Cyclone technology to prevent it from losing suction. The digital motor is said to be much lighter but can spin much faster than conventional electric motors.

Designed for small tasks at home, the lithium-ion battery powered vacuum machine weighs 2.9 lbs. The package includes a crevice tool and a combination tool. Although it seems bulkier than other competing handhelds, it offers a faster recharge time (approximately 3 hours).

The Dyson DC34 is not the most popular cordless vacuums. It is only rated 3.6/5 stars at Amazon.com. Click here to compare this vacuum with similar models.

Although most of the reviews have been positive, there are a number of negative views that have also been voiced by the owners. Let us discuss some of the complaints that have been made about the handheld vac.

You can find owners who have expressed their dislike for the battery life. They wished for longer battery life per charge. In Max mode, the power supply can last only 6 minutes. For some people, this is acceptable. Keep in mind that although there are some that last as long as 30 minutes, the recharge time of the Dyson DC34 is much faster.

Other negative reviews have been made in relation to the trigger button. You need to hold down the button to keep suction going. A lock-in on/ off switch is not provided. This is something to consider before you purchase, especially if you do not want to hold the switch on for a long time.

Negative comments have also been made for the fact that the product does not come with a wall mounting bracket for strorage of the unit. The mounting bracket for this model (Part No.918765-01) is priced around $11.

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Despite the criticisms that have been addressed to the handheld vacuum cleaner, many users have been satisfied with their purchase.

Like other Dyson models, the feedback for the DC34 suggests that the suction power of the unit is strong enough for small cleaning jobs. It has proven to be effective in vacuuming car, cleaning inside cabinets or picking up dog hairs.

The vacuum’s design has also made a positive impression upon the reviewers. A number of users have reported that the unit is easy to grab. They also like the fact that the machine is easy to carry and use.

For some people, the Dyson DC34 is an overpriced handheld vacuum. However, it may be worth mentioning that a number of positive comments came from people who had tried several different brands.

Overall, as long as you fully understand that this product is designed for those little messy jobs, we believe that you will not be disappointed with its performance.

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